After the inventive and entertaining diversion that was The Blanck Mass Sessions, Editors have got back to releasing original music in considerable style with the anthemic Frankenstein.

The band have always excelled at catchy choruses, and here the refrain ‘it goes on’ adds to the sense that the song is a call to arms. The expressionist horror intro phases in to a ZTT bass line, Tom Smith channels Tom Jones at times with the raw sexuality and sensuality of his delivery.

He sings of decay and disaster, nationalism in what feels like a half-hearted rejection of temptation, as the band add a level of glam rock meets electro grandeur that is unusual for them but works so well on what feel like a hymn to a decadence embrace of end times.

Frankenstein is out now and can be streamed on Spotify as well as all major digital platforms. You can find out more about the song, the album and hopefully some upcoming live dates by checking out the band’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.