Warming up for their  new album, Bristol trio Elder Island create a pastel-tempered, dayglo dystopia with their new track You & I, along with its equally retro-futurist video, which you can watch below.

Being from Bristol I guess you are bound to find some hints of trip hop breaking through at times, particularly in the bassline, but there’s a scarcity of them in the more soulful, clubby overall atmosphere of You & I.

Taking some of its more overt musical cues from 80s and 90s pop and soul, but with a leftfield twist, the techno-infused rhythm that drives the track would be as much at home on a Parisian catwalk as it would in a sweaty underground nightclub.

You & I will feature on The Omnitone Collection which is now up for pre-order, whilst the track can also be streamed on Spotify.  The band will be following up the album with signings and live gigs – for more information you can explore their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Photo by Lara Hempsall