New Music: elegant slims – Hemisphere

  • New Music: elegant slims - Hemisphere

New York based musician elegant slims doesn’t reveal much about herself beyond the bare bones I just mentioned, but with a track as starkly beautiful as Hemisphere out in the wild, she’ll be hard pushed to keep a low profile for much longer.

Like her previous track Not Human, there’s a hint of noir-ish electro with wisps of The Knife and a hint of Kirlian Camera in its mix of icy, dark tones. But there’s also a hint of a grander, more dramatic inspiration, as the song swirls with high gothic melodrama but most importantly, a rich melody and delightful, deceptively innocent vocals.

As mysterious and enveloping as a warm fog a night, Hemisphere will charm and unsettle the listener in equal measure.

Hemisphere is out now, you can stream the track on Spotify and other digital outlets including Bandcamp. You can check out the visuals commissioned to accompany the music on Instagram.

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