New Music: Ellis May – River Of Doubt

  • New Music: Ellis May - River Of Doubt

Styles like ambient and dark electro have so much history behind them that it can be hard at times to breathe new life in to the genres, as we can sometimes the listener can reference every note and nuance. For me though, Copenhagen’s Ellis May (musician, audio consultant and sound engineer Sophia Maj) has brought something fresh to the table with River Of Doubt.

It’s a track that revels in various shades of darkness, using grey tones as a source of relief and illumination. The track is far from dour though, with emotion doled out measure by measure in each word and inflection, and the pushing of genre and musical boundaries adding to a sense of oddly comforting dislocation.

The track feels like the sun rising at dawn, only for it to sink again under the horizon. The light is still there, just out of sight but if you search you will find it again. This is the song for that search.

Sophia says of the song: “My personal demons can be apocalyptic when I forget what I’m capable of. The title is borrowed from the memoirs of Theodore Roosevelt who in 1913 joined an expedition to explore the Brazilian river “Rio da Duvida”, today known as “Rio Roosevelt”.”

River Of Doubt is out now, streaming on Spotify and other digital platforms. Ellis May will be playing SPOT Festival this May and be sure to keep an eye on her Facebook for more news of live dates and releases!

Photo by Søren Rønholt

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