Turkey’s ELZ AND THE CULT serve up a very dark and distinctive sound, taking post-punk and dark wave influences, then melding them into something innovative and at times unsettling. Check out Growing Pains (Run) from the current album, PSYCHODRAMA.

Even if you’re familiar with the band, you’ll still be pleasantly surprised by the subtle evolution on display here. Those booming bass lines are still present, the brooding vocals add on the air of menace and mystery as ever, but there’s a real ambience of lurking danger, of threats and fears unspoken, that give the track a sense of turmoil underneath those controlled beats and rhythms.

Growing Pains (Run) is out now via Cold Transmissions and can be found on Spotify and other digital outlets including Bandcamp, If you want to keep up with what’s happening with the song, upcoming gigs, new music and more, be sure to give them a follow on Twitter or Facebook.

ELZ AND THE CULT play Istanbul with Drab Majesty on May 28th – details about the gig are on Facebook.