New Music: ELZ AND THE CULT – Monochrome

  • New Music: ELZ AND THE CULT - Monochrome

ELZ AND THE CULT are a gothic electro band from Istanbul, comprising of Elz (Vocals), Efe Akıncıoğlu  (Bass) and Burak Kamacı (Synth); whose thoughtful sound is triangulated between IAMX, Empathy Test and Covenant, as you can hear from their latest single, Monochrome. Check out the Serdar Gazi directed video for the track.

On first listen, what impressed me about Monochrome was the way it so sublimely created such a detailed and evocative atmosphere. Icy sheets of cold wave rumblings set the heart to chill, as Elz’ fractured vocals initially have an oddly atonal air to them.

As the track expands and becomes more layered, the vocals take on a more elegiac tone, like a funeral singer reciting prayers for memories lost. It’s a song with a glacial exterior, but the arrangement gives it a warm heart which makes Monochrome a must-listen for those that like their electro moody and magical.

Monochrome is out now as a single and can be streamed on Spotify, and is also to be found on the bands’ Polycephaly album.

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