Turkish band ELZ AND THE CULT has been making waves in the last few years with their inspired and refreshing take on dark wave and post-punk sounds. Adding an electronic twist to the mix,  their sound won them critical acclaim with the release of 2017’s Polycephaly album. That positive reception is sure to continue on their upcoming album, judging by the wonderfully evocative Reflect Your Pain.

Smouldering and intense, it burns slowly but brightly, as ominous and dazzling as lightning seen from a distance and with an air of electric danger rumbling away under the surface.

Subtle undertones of bands as diverse as The xx, Massive Attack and IAMX weave their way in and out of the arrangement, but the ambiance of dark and sensual sonic majesty is very much their own.

The song tells the story of an individual’s flavours of self-destruction and the bitter sweet feeling of wanting to get lost in order to learn from it and grow in a very dystopic theme.

In an interview with Britain’s Tim Hallam on his radio show, ELZ said: “I feel much more comfortable talking about this sadistic and ominous feeling of melancholia that hasn’t left me for a long time now … I grow with feeling more pain and it hurts me, breaks me but at the same time – and I don’t know why – it makes me grow, it (the pain) relieves me”.

Reflect Your Pain is out now as a single and can be streamed on Spotify along with the B-side She Was Misunderstood. You can check out the moody video for the track here, and information about the upcoming sophomore album can be found Twitter and Facebook.