Emilie Kahn (previously Emilie & Ogden) is following up her debut album of three years ago with a new name, a refreshed sound but the same breath taking and beauteous approach to crafting music. Have a listen to Will You? to explore her expanded, ecstatic musical horizons.

One thing that immediately grabs the listeners is the way Khan takes full advantage of the scope that digital sound can offer the artists, serving up an intro that seems to swirl round the listener liked a summer breeze.

Her enchanting vocals and harp playing have a central role in a song that invites comparison to the sonic palettes employed by the likes of Enya, Joanna Newson and Ludovico Einaudi; but she parlays them into a more rock-infused, occasionally muscular arrangement that can’t help but draw the listener in.

The track is deceptively coy but ultimately assertive, as if knowing its place in the world and stating that so beautifully, making it a real joy to listen to.

Will You? will feature on  Outro which will drop on February 22nd via Secret City Records. Check out Kahn’s Facebook page for details of upcoming gigs in Canada and France.