New Music: Evalyn – Big Bad City

  • New Music: Evalyn - Big Bad City

Part bar room ballad, part personal journey, Evalyn’s Big Bad City straddles the divide between the universal and the more intimate which consummate ease. Have a listen and see if you agree with us.

If you can see beyond the myth of songs like Don’t Stop Believing and Livin’ On A Prayer and discover the joy and pain that the ordinary, blue collar life brings, then you’re bound to love Big Bad City.

It’s loud and upfront, using broad brushstrokes, unashamed in its anthemic appeal and pretensions.

It carries that off stylishly and with confidence, taking an unromantic aspect of urban life and giving it a sliver of glamour whilst still keeping it real. As a taster for her upcoming Salvation EP, it can only increase the expectation that something special is coming our way.

Big Bad City is available now via all major streaming and downloading platforms – you can find out more here.

Photo by Dillon Lane

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