New Music: Evelyn Drach – An Archipelago Rises

  • New Music: Evelyn Drach - An Archipelago Rises

With its subtle hints of both trip-hop and folk, all filtered though a very atmospheric ambient gauze, An Archipelago Rises by Evelyn Drach has a deep and profound emotional resonance. Check out the track and see what you think.

The London based musician taps in to something primal on the track, with even the broad but intimate electronica feeling as it if was formed in a place outside time.

Bleakly descriptive lyrics mix with a dark euphoria, like the culmination of a Dionysian ceremony, emotions unleashed but for a deadly serious purpose.

An Archipelago Rises can also be found on Spotify and will feature on her upcoming album due for a vinyl release in 2019 after a ten-year gestation. Be sure to keep up with Drach on Facebook and Twitter to hear about what promises to be an intriguing album

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