Loaded Guns by Berlin based dream-pop duo EveningGown (Pauline Dirscherl and Stellios Vakaloudis) is a joyous musical sleight of hand, deceptive and delicious in its Lynchian undertones. Have a listen and you’ll catch my drift.

The track, which comes from their Lakes of Harmony album, opens with a rich but not unusual southern gothic tone, the odd dissonant strand underlying that ambience. The dissonance increases as the lyrics take an increasingly darker path, the layers of languid dreaminess making way for a more ominous, fractious state of affairs.

As the song reaches an emotionally bleak and somewhat starkly brutal end, it comes across as a requiem for lost carnal and emotional desires.

Loaded Guns probably shouldn’t be listened to on your own, but if you do, make sure you have a good wine at hand to savour it, or maybe even some cherry pie.

Loaded Guns and Lakes of Harmony are available now to download on Bandcamp. You can also catch up with it on Spotify. You won’t regret it.