New Music: EXES – Cain

  • New Music: EXES - Cain

Los Angeles duo EXES have released some amazing music over the last 18 months and their chilled cross of downtempo, synthpop and RnB has really caught on, with some of their tracks getting well over a million streams on Spotify. It’s a trend that is sure to continue with their latest release, Cain.

Vocalist Allie McDonald and producer Mike Derenzo have reflected on the follow-up to the 2016 EP The Art of Saying Goodbye, McDonald says Cain is about a personal loss that sill touches her:

“Cain might be the most difficult and personal song we’ve ever written. Cain was my muse–my inspiration–my first love. Although we were thousands of miles apart, we somehow found each other years ago. Our virtual relationship was composed purely of poems, songs, words, emails. I was never able to touch or meet Cain–he passed away in 2015. 6 months after his death, in what felt like a movie, I flew to England to meet his friends and family. This song is about that night I spent with his mom and best friend drinking champagne and dancing until the sun came up-reminiscing on a love that almost and will always be.”

Cain is out now to stream on Soundcloud and Spotify as is the bands’ small but impressive back catalogue.

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