New Music: Eyemouth – To Carry The Spark

  • New Music: Eyemouth - To Carry The Spark

Formed from in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2014, Eyemouth (aka Marcus, Joakim and Håkan) is in essence an electronic band, but over the least few years their sound has developed in to something very different and at times magical – check out To Carry The Spark to hear more.

Synths open the track to create an eerie effect, nuances of folk and psychedelia pervade the track but filtered through a haze of almost mesmerising electronica.

The vocals add a sense of being transported to a pre-industrial past, as the organic percussion lends the song an almost funereal air.

The result is something akin to Dead Can Dance and My Dying Bride collaborating on the soundtrack to a dying way of life.

To Carry The Spark features on the trio’s recent album called A Newly Planted Grain which available now on Bandcamp and can be found on Spotify, iTunes and all major digital outlets.

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