Austin, Texas based indie/dreampop trio Fanclub (Leslie Crunkilton, Mike Lee, Daniel Schmidt) have marked the release of their All the Same EP (out now on Bandcamp in limited edition cassette) by dropping the shimmering Swear as a single – have a listen below.

The vocals channel Stevie Nicks, but as if she was part of the 53rd and 3rd or Subway Records era. It’s pain suffused with a sunshine smile, as the initial darkwave opening – all doomy bass and tight percussion – warms up into something superficially brighter, but still with shadows lurking just out of eyesight.

Swear and the All the Same EP are out now via Berlin based label Friendly Reminder. They can be streamed on Spotify. As well as being on Facebook the band are also very active on Instagram and Twitter where you can get details of their upcoming US gigs – including SXSW in their home town – and more.