San Francisco based Faux Canada is an indie-pop-rock combo with members coming from local bands My First Earthquake Crashfaster , and Sir Salvatore . Taking retro or classic riffs and sounds, then giving them a modern twist is very much their forte, as you can hear on Comedown.

Shoegaze, grunge, indie-pop and some wonderful vocal performances lift Comedown to the heights. There’s a rich, light melody that creates a hazy tone around the more edgy lyrics, giving off a C86 feel but with added brio and sheen. Most of all there’s a real sense of fun, that the band are enjoying themselves, the song and making music.

Comedown is available to download on Bandcamp and is the first single off their upcoming EP which is due out this May; something they describe as a ’sort of a love letter to the 90s.’ You can get details about the EP as well as tour dates and more by following them on Instagram,  Twitter and Facebook.