New Music: Feel Freeze – Let Go!

  • New Music: Feel Freeze - Let Go!

Icons Creating Evil Art probably have of the best rosters of any Scandinavian label, mixing a boutique curation ethic with sometimes accessible, sometimes eccentric but always beautifully crafted music.

A prime example of that ethos is Feel Freeze, a Danish duo whose sound has been described as ‘mesmerizing, groovy and uplifting queer electro-pop’. Check out the video to Let Go! to get a flavour of the band in full flight.

The track feels like a celebration of queerness, as Raymonde Gaunoux and Mathias Vinther Lilholt make musical references to icons such as Röyksopp, Anohni, Robyn and Ionnalee; as delicately powerful as they are touching.

When you add to the mix the lyrics which achingly capture the beautiful melancholy that come from giving something you love its freedom, you get a song that feels like the embodiment of that happy/sad feeling that queer people can be all too familiar with.

Let Go! is out now and is the first single from Feel Freeze’s debut album Feathers & Scars which will be released by Icons Creating Evil Art in autumn 2018 – you can find out more here. For some background to the song, check out this interview that Raymonde Gaunoux did with America’s Gay Star News website about realising their queer and trans identity.

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