Now based in Massachusetts,  Puerto Rican duo Fire Letters say their music reflects the culture of their home island,  with influences from West Africa, Spain and the wider Caribbean blended with locally-derived traditional and contemporary genres. What that melange gets you is a sumptuous, atmospheric sound as you can hear on new single you am i. Check out the wild winter wonderland of a video for the song, below.

The band combine a rich visual concept with their haunting primal tones, the otherworldly vocals ache with a sense of pain, the pain where love and its consequences can be almost unbearable. Nominally shoegaze in structure but with an appreciation of electro-pop aesthetics, the strings provide layers of colour and passion, adding emotional weight to the erstwhile ethereal tone.

This combination gives the track an air of of the mystical, but remains aware of the need to draw the listener in and engage them on an emotional level – you am i is as crisp and pure as newly fallen snow in the video.

The track is out now, streaming on Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify, with the duo soon to release their debut album. You can connect with the band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Photo by Adaira Rojas Santana