A few weeks ago, we featured the live performance video of Look No Further by Flawes. With their Highlights album just having been released, they’ve dropped the title track as a single. Check it out below.

Co-written with Nick Atkinson and Ed Holloway (Lewis Capaldi, Gabrielle Aplin), the track channels an anthemic pop/rock aesthetic to tell a very personal story. Using a ballad style that’s often associated with love songs seems odd at first. But as the song outlines, social media can create negative dependency and feelings, and as JC’s emotive delivery and the well-crafted lyrics prove, it can create just as much as much pain as love itself.

JC from the band had this to say about the track: “The song explores my relationship with social media, and how in certain instances it can affect real-life relationships and the real world in a negative way. I tend to always overthink situations, so it’s a cynical look on this that builds up to the line ‘Nothing’s real but no one needs to know.’”

Click here to find out more about streaming options for the Highlights album. You can keep up with the band over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as they engage on a tour of the UK, including a date at The Castle Hotel in Manchester on the 1st of April. They also play London and Glasgow around that time.