Flossed In Paradise is the solo project of Brooklyn artist Xela French. They describe their sound as being ‘steeped in retro-futurism’, a shimmering fusion that lies at the heart of his album title track, Off World.

The track wears its influences on its sleeves; in fact, French says that the track and album are inspired in part by reflections on a cyberpunk style future, though one where retro sounds are still in vogue. The song shies away from a synthwave or vaporwave narrative though. Rather, the dissonant Gothic synth sounds of TR/ST can be heard, though a brooding melancholy similar to IAMX shines through also; giving the track emotional warmth but also an ambiance that envelopes the listener, sending their thoughts toward dreams of electric sheep.

Off World the album is out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Bandcamp and Spotify. Be sure to check Flossed In Paradise out over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and maybe throw them a follow to keep up with news about the song, upcoming releases and more.