Coinciding with a North American tour celebrating 10 years of Circus Records, English EDM producer, DJ, singer-songwriter and label owner Flux Pavillion has unleashed one of his trademark skewed electro wonders.  Lion’s Cage features underground musical mystery Nevve on vocals.

Flux Pavillion can always be relied on to do something out of the ordinary within the confines of open if not downright commercial sounds, and Lion’s Cage is no exception. Vocals that share the same blissful energy as Aurora and Susanne Sundfør skate over the tight 3/4 rhythm that screams summer sun. The vocals and arrangement seem to build like an oncoming storm, so that what initially seems a standard love song may in fact be something very, very different. Bewitching and maybe a bit dangerous, it’s classic Flux Pavillion.

Lion’s Cage is out now, on all major digital platforms including Spotify. For more information on the track, new music and more from Flux Pavillion, be sure to check them out on their social media including Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.