New Music: Flyinglow – Clockwork

Swedish electronica artist Flyinglow recently debuted Clockwork, the first single from his forthcoming self-titled album. The song draws inspiration from two very different strands of Swedish electronica as you can tell from the amazing improvised video clip that accompanies the track.

You can hear the influence of bands like The Knife, but Clockwork magics up its’ own take on the slightly off kilter electronica sound, more like being in a pleasant dream state than the slightly unsettling melancholia loved by some of his compatriots.

But the track balances that with an openness more common in commercial Swedish electropop, leaving the song at odds with the more introspective nature of such acts, meaning it successfully treads a path between being experimental and accessible.

Clockwork is available to stream now on Spotify and you can find out more about Flyinglow and his upcoming album via his Facebook page or his label’s website.

By |May 1st, 2017|

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