Hailing from Yorkshire but with a vibe that feels like it’s been born in the ghettos of New York or the smoky jazz clubs of Boston and Chicago, Something Gives from Leeds groovers Fold adds something new and fresh to an established genre.

Proudly political and socially conscious, Something Gives gets the feet going, the heart racing and the brain cells working overtime. From the sublime sax to the lush, 70s strings and funky beats, the song riffs on a golden period in American soul music without being retro or pastiche.

Featuring the voices of iconic wordsmiths James Baldwin and Alice Walker at the polemic peaks, the track is far from a cut and paste mood-setter but uses the passages to inflame and inspire the listener. And if that doesn’t move you, the appearance of Morcheeba’s Daisy Martey as the track reaches its denouement is sure to entrance.

Something Gives is from the band’s We’re the Ones album which is out now, streaming on Spotify and also available via Bandcamp on limited edition orange vinyl. Keep up with news, music, gigs and more from the group by checking out their FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts.


Illustrations by Jaypee art