New Music: FOX GRIN – Shangri-La

  • New Music: FOX GRIN - Shangri-La

Nashville based duo Fox Grin take an eclectic and electrifying approach to indie-pop, their sound marrying art rock adventurism with sweet melodies on new release Shangri-La.

The first single from forthcoming album Dusk which is due out January 2019, it evokes comparisons with the late 60s San Francisco sound – rock with a mystical air, pensive yet persuasive and with an edge to it.

You get the feeling that under the sunny melodies and airy vocals the something sombre may lurk, offering a contentment that may not have substance. Shangri-La exists in literature as a mythical place, but the beauty of Fox Grin’s track is very real.

Shangri-La is available on Spotify and other digital services – check the duo’s Facebook page for more information.

Photo by Jason Lee Denton

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