Swedish musician FrankK describes her music as being a blend of trap and pop; but there’s more to her sound than hooks and beats, as you can hear on Cream. Check out the video below.

There’s a very glossy, sophisticated feel to Cream, on the surface at least. It can function as a piece of moody background music if you want it to, as it glides past being simultaneously catchy and languid as percussion and synths ooze a certain icy stylishness.

But just like the topic of the lyrics, you need to pay attention, absorb the patterns and details to pick up the message and understated impact of the track. It goes beyond introspection and takes apart the psyche in under three minutes, all in a quietly devastating manner.

FrankK had this to say about the meaning behind the lyrics: “When I wrote Cream, I was deep in a depression. At that moment, the song gave me another perspective on what happiness can be. Like good memories, that can be a source of happiness.”

Cream is out now, for details on how to stream and download the track, head on over to FrankK’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.