Swedish musician FrankK has kept in touch with her trap roots on the follow up to her pop debut track Ferrara, hitting us with chilled beats on her new single Hand On Heart.

Tight and tricky, FrankKs vocals glide over the mellow arrangement with gossamer ease. Scandipop, trap and classic pop influences flow and fuse effortlessly in the arrangement, resulting in a sound that takes bubblegum pop in a lyrically more reflective and stark direction.

Even in the more heartfelt moments, the lyrics retain a catchy pop sensibility, inviting comparisons with the early 60s girl group sound.

FrankK has this to say about the song: “A lot of my songs are about fantasies, and about money. I wrote a lot of them when I was really broke, which sort of made me obsessed with money. Hand on Heart however is a bit darker, and more personal, since it’s about trying to run away from oneself and about trying to fix oneself, even though it’s impossible. What’s broken is broken.”

Hand On Heart is out now and can be streamed on Spotify and other digital outlets. You can catch up with FrankK on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.