Bremen duo FREEDA BEAST are currently working on Rich (the follow-up to 2015’s Me and My Monster), and judging by Make Up, it’s going to be something special. You can stream the song on Spotify below.

Timo Warkus and Sonja Frieda Pals capture the essence of classic 90s electronic acts like Moloko and Broadcast on Make Up. The urban sounds of trip-hop and DNB give the song a vibrant, gritty bedrock, propelling it forward at breakneck speed. Sonja’s vocals take the song in a different direction: full of humanity as if pouring her heart and soul out to you alone. Like birdsong breaking through a city soundscape, the song is contradictory but compelling.

According to the duo, Make Up is “a story of hiding behind masks in order to not appear vulnerable in today’s society. A story about how we sometimes tear ourselves apart to fit into given templates.”

FREEDA BEAST’s Make Up is out now and can be streamed and downloaded on Bandcamp. Show the duo some social media love via Facebook and Instagram so you can keep up with news about the band, new releases and more.