Swedish musician Frida Sundemo has just released her new EP Sounds in My Head, and one of the highlights of the five featured tracks is the brooding synthpop of Backbone. Watch the video to get a taste of this delicious quintet of songs.

Sweeping, slightly melancholic but ultimately with a positive message,  it explores the some of the dark moments and acts that can happen in the throes of love. That feeling is accentuated by the mid-tempo pacing of the track and, as eve,r the emotional openness of Sundemo’s vocals. One of the real gems of Nordic pop, Frida Sundemo has surpassed her previous work, not only just on this song, but throughout the whole EP.

Speaking about the song, she says it’s about “that feeling when it suddenly hits you that you hurt someone you love. That mixed feeling of guilt, regret and endless love”.

You can get details on how to listen to Sounds in My Head by clicking here or by checking out Frida Sundemo on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.