Hailing from the wilder reaches of Ireland’s west coast, From the Bogs of Aughiska are often labelled black metal, but that belies the complex and experimental leanings their music usually incorporates. Their third album Mineral Bearing Veins is a prime example of their uncompromising, unconventional but rewarding approach, with new single The Devil is An Irish Man a particular highlight of a fine release.

The accompanying video reflects a dark time in Irish history, made all the more relevant when politicians once again seek to use famine as a means of controlling Ireland. But the focus here is really on the music; dark, droning and textured, inspiring as much awe as if does fear, seeming like it was born in the depths of anguish and pain that can following initially numbing tragedies. Rhythmic yet far from soothing, the track feels like a nursery song for the damned and those that damned them.

Mineral Bearing Veins is out now via Apocalyptic Witchcraft, For more details on the band and the release, check them out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.