Though known as a member of math-pop band NVMERI, Slovakia’s FVLCRVM’s solo work initially came to the attention of many due to his work as a producer and DJ. However, his own music quickly won him plaudits from influential DJs including Mary Anne Hobbs and after making a big splash with 2017’s Hi! he’s returned with Words: you can check out the song and the Marek Moučka directed video below.

There’s a structural and textural debt to his band’s math-pop background, as the track fuses complex progressions with a still accessible sound. Nuances of RNB and experimentalism are to the fore, with a sense that the track is seeking to subtly challenge the listeners perceptions of pop music’s boundaries within a sound this is open and welcoming. Even after hearing Hi! it’s still a pleasant surprise to hear how confident and accomplished FVLCRVM’s vocals performance is on Words.

Words is out now, with streaming and downloading details to be found here. Be sure to keep an eye on his social media such as Facebook and Twitter for news on live dates – he’s sure to be heading your way soon!