With her I Am a Highlighter Pen album having just dropped, one of the standout tracks from the G.T. Thomas release is surely the free-flowing, breath of fresh air that is Future Moving.

Thomas regards Donald Fagen as a musical hero and influence and you can certainly pick up a Steely Dan / Fagen undercurrent to the track: though immersed in indie and rock nuances like the classic ‘Dan’ sound, that is gently transposed onto a jazz-like syncopation, giving it a sense of transgressing boundaries whilst still being easy to listen to.

Something very similar is present in Thomas’ vocal delivery, the purity in her vocal lets her play about with styles and cadences to great effect, their soft tones easing the listener into the insightful, introspective lyrics.

She had this to say about Future Moving: ‘This song was the result of a challenge I took on to write and produce a new track from scratch every three days for a whole month. I started with nothing and ended up with a new, nine-song album, with this as the first single.’

Future Moving and the I Am a Highlighter Pen are out now to stream or download – you can order it on her website, and it includes an unusual but interesting workbook format. Be sure to check out G.T. Thomas on her Facebook or Instagram pages for information about the album, upcoming live dates and more. You can also support Thomas direct on her Patreon page.