Galapaghost is the Austin, Texas based solo project of Casey Chandler. After releasing two albums via Italian label Lady Lovely, he went out on his own in 2016 without a band, manager or label. He’ll soon be dropping his third self-released album, for which Bedtime is a very promising taster.

Marking a change from much of his previous work there’s a real electronic ambiance to the arrangement, but there’s still a very human, emotional element at the core of the track, in large due to Chandler’s vocals.

There’s hints of Tame Impala and Beck in the mix, as the languid beats and sometimes 60s influenced sounds capture that feeling of when the weekends move from being about partying to something a bit more chilled – whether you like it or not.

There’s hints of something more complex going on in the lyrics though, but Chandler leaves it just opaque enough for you to wonder what is really happening with the protagonists.

Bedtime is out now streaming on Spotify and will also feature on the upcoming Sootie album that will be released this coming August. You can find out more about the release date, gigs and more by following his Facebook page.