Finnish Electro-folk / artpop act GEA blends the organic – mainly supplied by keyboards and piano – with minimalistic electronic arrangements to serve up a sound that is simultaneously modern and ancient, as you can hear on her track Alone. Check out the video below.

Just as the sparse Icelandic landscape inspires beauty in its minimalism, so does Alone. The splashes of musical colour are provided in the main by the ethereal vocals, but also by piano and violin rhythms which are inspired by ancient Finnish folk sounds.

These all effortlessly combine to provide bright and dramatic contrast to the solid bedrock of the song. As the rocky plains of Iceland look primal yet are sometimes newly born a cataclysm of fire and ice, the track also captures that sense of a temporary permanence in musical form.

Alone is out now, and is available on all major digital platforms including Spotify. The track features on GEA’S Butterflies album which is out now in vinyl, CD and digital formats – you can find out more on her official website.