Finland’s GEA wears her Nordic background with pride and ease on Snow, which comes from her current EP. One listen to the mystic majesty of the song and you’ll be glad she did.

With her intimate, warm vocals and the epic feel to the arrangement, Snow can’t help but seduce you with its Scandinavian charms. The stirring piano intro and the folk-infused strings mingle with a gently chiming, then booming melody draw you in, inviting favourable comparisons with the music of Anna Varney. You feel like you should be listening to this by torchlight on a bewintered beach, but chilling to it in the comfort on your own home will do just fine.

GEA says the track was partially inspired by hearing Agnes Obel for the first time, with the artists music opening new vistas and creating new ideas of her own. As for those that hear hints of Game of Thrones in Snow? GEA says she has never seen the programme!

Snow and its parent EP of the same name are streaming now  on Spotify – for more details you can check out GEA’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.