Israel’s Gili Portal views her music as more than just art, but also as a vehicle to express her thoughts, emotions and ideas. Sometimes these can explore some abstract but still relevant philosophical concepts, as on current single The problems aren’t us.

Tackling weighty issues in a pop song format isn’t easy, but Portal does it here with style and flair. Viewing problems as a way to look at our lives anew; vocally, lyrically and musically the track offers up a sense of positivity and certainty that can’t help but absorb and be absorbed by the listener.

Portal described the thoughts behind the song like this: ‘What happens when we encounter a problem? Do we stop to get to know it? Explore it? Are we dealing with a problem or do we have a problem? Is it true to say that we are the total of our problems?’

The problems aren’t us is out now and can also be streamed on Spotify. For information on other streaming and downloading options, upcoming gigs and releases, check out Gili Portal’s Facebook page and Instagram account.