For someone who says she makes songs in her bedroom, the music of girl in red has certainly travelled around the world over the last few years. As it moves from there to the live arena, a song like bad idea! Is sure to be a live favourite.

Garage rock beats meet swirling gothic and shoegaze tones in the arrangement to create a delicious brew of accessible rock, but with a somewhat unconventional lyrical theme. The chorus is a delight, even as you may wince at the way it brings back some universal, maybe rather embarrassing, but at the time very enjoyable memories. Add in vocals that are pitched somewhere between Grimes and Zola Jesus, and you get three and a half minutes of blissful, bouncy guitar pop

bad idea  by girl in red can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms including Bandcamp. She is currently touring the USA before hitting Europe, so head over to her Instagram or Twitter socials for information on upcoming dates.

Photo by Chris Almeida