New Music: Glass Spells – Desire

Glass Spells are a San Diego based quartet comprising of Anthony Spells (Bass/Synths), Suz Garza (Vocals), along with Michael Rascon (Synths) and Mallory Garcia (Drums), formed lin ate 2013 in Calexico. Over the last few years the band have developed a sound that operates from the darker end of synthpop, funk and post-punk as you can hear on Desire.

It’s a track that merges the band’s diverse influences perfectly – the strident, danceable post-punk sounds of The Gossip, the slightly opaque synthpop of Ayria and the harsh neon emotions of Mr. Kitty – and coalesces those strands around an icy but funky beat. Garza’s vocals thaw the hard beats and rhythms, giving the track a warm beating heart inside the tough exterior.

Desire can be found on the bands’ eponymous album which is streaming on Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Photo by Kriss Soto

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