Now based in Manchester here in the U.K., Grabyourface (Marie Lando) continues to come up with a creative and challenging take on industrial – check out their new album Keep Me Closer to find out more.

It’s a collection that owes more to the likes of Coil, Carter Tutti and Nine Inch Nails than the bland 4/4 electro that often passes for industrial these days, tracks like Confession and Sane&safe are at times bruising, both emotionally and sonically, but retain a pulsating, perfect rhythm.

Contrast that with the more esoteric, existential Doesnthurt or Nowake, and their more dissonant  and dreamy bleakness you’d expect the album lack a feeling of cohesion, but Lando’s edgy vocals and the unified nature of the overall sonic palette give the 11 track album a sense of unity and purpose that is immensely impressive.

Lando had this to say about the album: “Keep Me Closer is a journey through acceptance that things are fucked up, people are broken, and we can’t always fix them. But yet despite everything, despite the pain, some things we can do. Some things we can make better. We’ve already fought battles that we won. We can do it again.”

Keep Me Closer is out now in digital format, streaming on Spotify and is available in a limited-edition cassette release.