It’s tricky to incorporate musical references from longstanding genres into your music without making it sound overly retro, but on her new release Haunted, Sweden’s HELGA shows she has the confidence and skill to pull that off with style.  

It’s a track that takes gingerly from a myriad of Nordic and Northern European musical styles and forges them into something rivetingly authentic but with a ring of reassuring familiarity. Folk and goth nuances come through, but lightly, as does an exploration to the more sinister edges of dark metal imaginings. It doesn’t sound like Ghost for example, but shares an ability with the fellow Swedes to apply an almost-pop sheen to some determinedly primordial sounds. It’s cross-genre appeal is readily apparent, as goths, metalheads and fans of the new Nordic folk will love this.

Helga says that Haunted, along with the rest of her that the new songs is“a musical translation of my inner and physical world. I personally love reverb-drenched music and sounds, drawing inspiration from my dream world, the misty forests, and Swedish folk music.” 

Haunted is out now on the mark of quality that is Icons Creating Evil Art and can be streamed on Spotify as well as downloaded on Bandcamp. For news on HELGA and her music, check out her Facebook page, as well as her Instagram account. 


Photo credit: Ashley Joncas @ ENIGME STUDIO.