New Music: Highasakite – I Call Bullshit

  • New Music: Highasakite - I Call Bullshit

Propeller Recordings’ electronic angels Highasakite (Ingrid Helene Håvik and Trond Bersu) have employed a devilish turn of phrase on their otherwise ethereal sounding I Call Bullshit. Check it out below.

The Norwegian duo take a very clever turn with the track, with subtle tonal references to the kind of tune that finishes the night in your favourite club: melodic, uplifting yet edged with melancholia. The beauty of I Call Bullshit is that instead of accepting that the night is over, instead the song calls on a youthful desire to carry on, because life and the living of it at full throttle is their true drug of choice.

On the inspiration and process behind writing the song, Ingrid says: “I remember writing this song really well. It was 2014, and I’d had another sleepless night, so I began to write instead. I started the demo that evening, but because it was late at night, I couldn’t sing loudly so not to wake up my boyfriend. This gave the track a very different vocal feel, singing something so softly when the topic is a bit rough.”

I Call Bullshit is out now, streaming on Spotify and all major digital outlets. The band also have some rather impressive gigs lined up in the coming months, including our home town next March at Band on the Wall. You can find out more on their Facebook page.

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