New Music: Hillhar – Sorry

  • New Music: Hillhar - Sorry

Israeli trio Hillhar look at their music as being as much about raising self-consciousness and channelling change, as creating excellent electro-infused pop. As you can tell from Sorry, they succeed well on both fronts.

There’s a lilting yet psychedelic air to the track, with shades of Air and The Beatles flowing though the piece like an unhurried pastoral stream. The fusion of acoustic and electronic sounds, subtle phrasing and a soft melody underpin the ethereal vocals and personal, poignant lyrics.

The band had this to say about the inspiration behind Sorry: “I t’s a song that speaks about saying sorry from the heart, toward another person, but mostly toward yourself. Taking responsibility for the past immediately changes the present and influences the future.”

Sorry features on the band’s recent Silent Blare album which you can stream in full on Spotify. The band are preparing for the release of their Earthly Divine EP which is due for release later this year – keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information.

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