New Music: Hollow Earth – No Mercy

  • New Music: Hollow Earth - No Mercy

Spanish trio Hollow Earth take elements of electronica, rock and metal; then mix in a whole lot of raw passion to create a stunning, high energy synthesis of uncompromising sounds and genres.

To tie in with the release of their Birth + Life + Death album, the band has released an upfront and visually uncompromising video for the track No Mercy, which also features vocals from Sagan Ummo and Kantz.

A wonderfully brash and at times scary collision of rap, industrial rock, nu metal, dark electro and dubstep, all tied up with some bruising vocal performances, No Mercy is a musical kaleidoscope – a joyful if at times brutally orchestrated cacophony.

Raw, intense and rhythmic it pummels the listener, leaving you feeling like you’ve just gone three rounds in an MMA bout – battered but exhilarated in equal measure.

Birth + Life + Death is out now in physical CD and digital formats (available on Bandcamp) whilst the album can also be streamed on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Deezer.   

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