New Music: Holy Fawn – Drag Me Into The Woods

  • New Music: Holy Fawn - Drag Me Into The Woods

Arizona band Holy Fawn describe their sound as ‘Loud. Heavy. Pretty. Noises.’ And that’s a fairly accurate way to summarise their intricate, genre-busting sound. Check out the video for Drag Me Into The Woods to find out more.

An amalgam of dark but soothing sounds, Drag Me Into The Woods feels like it comes from the Carpathian forest or the upper reaches of Scandinavia’s primal north, not an American desert state.

Dense but delicate, this blackened then bleached take on shoegaze and post rock sounds is the perfect ear candy for those that are happy to feel alone in a crowded room, as its layers of shimmering and reverbed guitars wash over the listener with a sense of uneasy, otherworldly joy.

Drag Me Into The Woods comes from the moodily majestic Death Spells album which can be streamed and downloaded on Bandcamp. You can also catch up with the album on Spotify.

Photo by Matt Cardinal

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