Hailing from Laois in the Irish midlands, Host calls herself ‘musician by day, musician by night’. On hearing Crying for Days your first reaction is to believe she really is living her life through her art. Check out the video for the track to find out more.

Don’t let the unusual and sometimes disturbing video distract you from what’s a gem of a song. It does hark back to the 80s power ballad sound at times, and that’s no bad thing as far I’m concerned. But it’s the subtleties that really attract your attention: the gothic undertones, the sweeping melody, and the booming percussion, but most of all heartfelt delivery to the lyrics. You feel like you living the emotional moment with Host, and you can’t give better praise than that, in my book.

Crying For Days is out now,  you can find information on  how to stream or download the song by checking out Host’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter socials.