As a warmup for her Adolescent Content EP which is due out on 18th February, Irish electropop artist Host has released the upbeat but bittersweet Taste of Your Love to whet our appetites.

With a hint of current indie darlings Pale Waves and old school doomsters The Cure in the mix, Taste of Your Love has some light gothic touches but takes those influences in a very different direction, adopting a more assertive, self-confident and poppy sound without losing any lyrical edge.

She sings about the changing, shifting sands of a relationship and how sometimes we need to excise them from our lives, despite our feelings. Rather than coming across as a dour experience, Host makes it feel liberating, almost positive; something down to the catchiness of the melody and her strong, emotive delivery. It’s a message that also comes across with considerable brio in the video for the song!

You can hear more of Host’s music on Soundcloud and Spotify, whilst the track can be downloaded on CDBABY. For news on the upcoming EP keep an eye on her Twitter account as well as Facebook.