The music of Cocteau Twins is the most immediate musical reference here, but it’s a rather superficial one to be fair. Delve into The Hours from Canada’s Hush Pup and you’ll see that the song quickly reveals its own singular beauty.

The vocals drive the dreamy ambience of the track, floating by like a bird above the clouds in a similar fashion to Elizabeth Frazer and Holly Dobson.

Lush synths and an organic bass dance their way around the vocals and the jangly, joyous lead guitar seems like it was explicitly designed to draw the listener into a state of reverie.

This is no pastiche or tribute.  The Cocteau Twins comparison is less a sonic one, but more about – for me at least – the similarity in the emotions and memories stirred involuntarily by such a delicate, divine sound.

The Hours will feature on the upcoming Hush Pup album Panacea which has an official release date of 20th March 2019 via Lone Hand – you can pre-order it on Bandcamp.