Previously available only on cassette along with Feeling Heat, this coming Friday sees Husk drop the VIP remix of You Got It online. Want to find out more about what influenced both tracks? Then have a listen to this playlist and soak up 23 classics from and inspired by the 80s.

Alfie had this to say about the concept behind the playlist: “I’ve never been shy about my adoration of synth, and now with Feeling Heat, I’ve delved right into leg warmers, big hair and of course, even more queerness. Catching the attention of Janice Long, playing it on her BBC Radio show, Feeling Heat is full of nostalgic drum patterns, late disco groovy bass lines of that era and even more 80’s melodies.

Of course, some of the themes in the lyrics are of a more modern experience, and it’s being described as ‘just a really good pop song’. It’s also out on cassette, just to give it an extra splash of nostalgia! This wildly self-indulgent playlist celebrates my major influences, Yazoo, Bronski Beat, Grace Jones… and the artists keeping the 80’s alive and well, Christine & The Queens, Svala and AnalogueTrash’s Vieon!”

Feeling Heat is out now and You Got It will be available online to stream and download on the 13th of December.