Mothership is the dark and delicious lead track from the recent album of the same name by I AM SNOW ANGEL – the musical project of American, Julie Kathryn.

Awash in a sylvan darkness, dwelling where the forest meets the shore of a tranquil ice-cool pond, the song exudes a sense of otherness, a naturalness at odds with its overt electronic ambience.

Julie Kathryn’s voice engenders an air of breathy magic in Mothership, taking hold of the listener’s emotions and bringing them into her delicate musical ecosystem of textures and rhythms.

As she does so, she also casts a spell that’ll take you away from the real world for a few minutes, but whether comfort or danger lies there it’s hard to tell at times.

Speaking about the album from which Mothership comes, Julie Kathryn says it was ‘created in isolation in a cabin in the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York state, the album touches on themes of paranoia, alienation, and ultimately redemption and love.’

You can stream the entire album on Spotify, as well as other streaming and downloading platforms, including Bandcamp.

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