New Music: I, Us & We – Tryst

  • New Music: I, Us & We - Tryst

An actual, real life band of brothers, I, Us & We are like a Steely Dan for the 21st century, with Tryst cementing the promise of their previous single Idols which was released earlier this year. The single is their debut for the newly launched Little Assembly label.

Opening as a somewhat sombre electro track, the song sees Jordan, Evan and Aaron Doverspike pivot sonically to channel the smooth rock sounds of the 70’s right into the here and now, reimagining it in terms of fluid electronic synths, gentle but insistent percussion and some rather sweet vocal harmonies. At its core Tryst is a rock song, but delivered with such elegance and grace that it’s sure to find its way in to the hearts of synthpop and electro devotees.

The release of Tryst comes in advance of the November 14th release of their first EP, Ceremonies also on Little Assembly. Until then, you can hear more from the band on Soundcloud and Spotify or pop on over to their official website for news, information on live events and releases.

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