Sweden’s Icarus tackle the looming multiple catastrophes facing the Earth with alacrity and élan on their new single Lonely Earth. Check out the mini-movie that is the official video to hear more.

The song is drenched with French nu-disco and electro nuances, making it feel like a soundtrack to the video itself – though it does stand up to repeated listens on its own.

Hints of Kavinsky and Daft Punk haunt the arrangement, giving it an uncertain air of familiarity. But there’s a harder underbelly to the track than either of those acts pursue, as EBM and industrial electro elements in the arrangement add some steel to the softer tones of the lead synths.

The vocals drip with searingly honest emotion as the impart their resonant message – as Icarus says: ‘We only have one earth, please take care of it. It is a song asking people to stop for a moment, look away from their screens and think about what each and every one of us can do to make the world a better place. All of us are personally responsible for what’s happening around us and to change the things we don’t like we must all do our part.’

Lonely Earth is available to stream on Spotify and can be downloaded on a ‘pay as you want’ basis on Bandcamp.

You can catch up with Icarus on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by Oliver Botfeldt