New Music: III MAURY III – Nahara

  • New Music: III MAURY III - Nahara

lll MAURY lll is described by those behind the project as being ‘a character of vision and sound. From cosmos to introspection, from introspection to unity, he draws through his voice what he sees through his lens’. Musically and visually seeming not of this world, it’s a concept captured well by new single Nahara and its accompanying video.

Coming across like a hymn to the elemental forces that lie behind all things, Nahara feels almost primordial despite its reliance of technology. With vocals that combine ritual rhythms, something akin to Gregorian chant and words from an unknown language there’s a feeling of being present at the invocation of an ancient god as the brief but beautiful piece unfurls. Primal and progressive, its mix of primitive danger and modern beauty is bewitching.

Nahara is from the Marble EP which you can stream on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. III MAURY III will be touring Europe in support of the release, including dates in Germany, France and the Netherlands. You can find out more here.

Photo by Mthias Sauvestre

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